Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Style Isn't Just For Girls Ya Know!

So, did you know guys like to look good? I know right! It's hard to tell sometimes. All those guys with baggy jeans and over sized wouldn't know it but they actually think they look nice. Sometimes I wish guys would look at other guys and take style tips from them. I honestly wonder sometimes if guys look around them and see that no one else is wearing clothes that they wear. My fiance likes to look good but to a certain extent. He'll never wear anything dirty (thank goodness), he won't wear all black because then he thinks he looks Gothic, and he knows black and brown does not match. In the summer time he will only wear shorts, his job isn't the kind of job wear you wear a nice suit and a tie, he can wear casual clothes all year round. Unless it's something important other than that he wants to feel comfortable. In the winter time he'll wear mostly sweat pants but sometimes jeans if we go some where. I mean sometimes I can't complain he looks nice but sometimes he looks like he's still in high school with his Abrocrombie shirts and his sneakers.
Once I took him to Macy's and picked him out some clothes. And I honestly wanted to throw a rack at him, everything I picked out he said no to because he thought he would look 'gay'. What's wrong with a sweater vest? It was just a plain black sweater vest...I just wish he would realize that most women love the way gay guys dress. I mean there is nothing wrong with a guy dressing nice. I just wish I could get into a guys mind and know what they think about. When they look at a handsome man like Daniel Craig, do they honestly think "he looks gay"...The man is James Bond for crying out loud. If my fiance dressed like James Bond I would love it. I just hope there will come a time in my fiance's life that he finally dresses his age. I guess I'm just going to have to start buying his clothes for him.

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