Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stay Classy

So many people, not just celebrities, get pulled down by the party world everyday day. Not even just going out every night and going to parties but also just letting yourself go. Giving up on looking presentable while going out. Putting all those toxins in your body and only thinking about the short term effects and not the long term effects. So many celebrities are starting to be bad influences and you really don't have many people anymore for young girls to look up to.
Celebrities that girls used to look up to are now going out and going to parties and leaving drunk and getting d.U.I.s. Teen celebrities showing up on the web with provocative pictures. I know no one can stop teenagers from wanting to grow up fast but you can help it be in a good way. Many girls these days are seeing Miley Cyrus on Disney channel then seeing her on magazines wearing skimpy clothing and on the web with pictures of herself in just her bra and underwear looking provocative. You honestly think girls wouldn't look up to that but they do. When I was younger I saw Britney Spears in a short baby shirt and a mini skirt. Many adults would think of that as a hooker. I thought it was cute. So don't underestimate what girls look up to these days.
Also, celebrities are making wrong choices and are getting out of things so easily. Khloe Kardashian was sentenced to 30 days in jail for failing to complete roadside cleanup duty and enroll in an alcohol education class. She was in jail for only hours until she was released for 'over crowding'. To me that shows girls that you can do something wrong and if your pretty or rich enough you can just get off easy. In the real world that just doesn't happen.
Just like Alexis Neiers who was allegedly involved with the Hollywood "Bling-Ring" burglaries. She now has a show on E! called Pretty Wild and was featured in Vanity Fair magazine. Not only does this show that you can do something bad and not have consequences but you might have good consequences. These people should not have been rewarded with a TV show or jobs because they have done something wrong. Although Alexis Neiers has gone to a school to talk about bad influences and that she regretted it. Which I do agree with her doing. If celebrities are put in the spotlight after they have done something wrong, use it to be a good influence. Because I know that no one is perfect but you shouldn't be more publicized for what you did.


So girls, try and be good influences for the younger girls out there. If you don't like seeing young girls out there with heavy makeup on and hooker heels...Don't do it yourself. Be classy, dress classy, act classy.