Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I've Learned So Far...

Well, I haven't had internet and I've been trying to settle in this new town and I've been so busy with school. But so far I just love it! I'm in workshop learning how to do perms and relaxers and now on Monday I'll be learning nails. My first week in class we learned basic hairstyles. I learned how to put rollers in and how to fingerwaves and pincurls and I'll tell you something, All of those things are coming back in style. You would think of fingerwaves when you see a picture of a woman in the 20s. But they are coming back. And so are roller sets. Most people don't like to use rollers because they think it takes too much time and reminds them of a little old lady. But alot of celebrities are using them. And you want to know why...They last longer! When you want a long lasting curl that will stay all day and night do a roller set. Sure it might take a little extra time in the morning but you could even do it at night and let it dry and you'll be ready in the morning! And it's really a good idea for girls who want curls but don't like to damage their hair with a curling iron. That's what I love about it, it requires no heat. And there is also a good way for you to straighten your hair without a lot of heat damage. Have you ever heard of a hair wrap? Its not that hard and if you do it when your hair is wet it's very simple and when it drys out your hair will be nice and smooth and straight. There might be a little waves but you can straighten those out and you still won't get that much heat damage. In the video I will embed she does it to dry and straight hair but like i said it's much easier to do when your hair is wet and it will dry alot smoother.

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