Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just So You Know

Well, I haven't written anything lately, I've just been so busy with everything. As you all know I'm going to be starting at Regency pretty soon so I've been busy packing and getting everything sorted out. I'm pretty excited about moving to St.Louis and away from everything. But I'm so nervous. As most people are when they start something new. Anyway, I probably will be without Internet for a while so I won't be able to post anything for a while until then. But as soon as I do I will keep everyone up to date on my experiences and some more great tips. I really hope that everyone has enjoyed reading my blog posts so far. I'm not much of a writer I know but at least I try.
So, it's 5:00 in the morning as I'm writing this. I'm so nervous about today, I have to take all my drivers test! I've let my permit expire for maybe 6 months :s and I've already failed my drivers part three times. And what really makes me mad is it's always the same dang woman who fails me...*sigh*. So, I have to take the written and drivers exam all in one day and I'm so nervous. If I don't pass I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm moving on Friday and I kind of need my license to get up there. So I wish that everyone wish me good luck and maybe write some good drivers tips on here. It'll really help. Hopefully since I can't fall asleep I won't be so tired that I won't be able to focus. Which that'll be my luck...
So, fingers crossed.

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