Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Before You Do It!'s a tricky subject because some people love them and some people hate them. I'm very nuteral on the subject. Some people can pull them off and look fine. If your thinking about it..think long and hard. Read about it and ask your sylist. If you have super straight hair and you want your hair to look curly...please keep in mind what perms really turn out looking like. I think a lot of people want hair that will end up like this...


But will more than likely end up with this...


Not that this isn't cute. It may not be what your looking for...
Perms can cause alot of damage to your hair. Perming over-bleached hair that probably has some damage to the hair's cuticle will likely cause big time frizz. While frizz can be taken care of with product, it can also be a sign of serious breakage. So please girls think twice before deciding to perm your hair. And ALWAYS go to a professional!

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