Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choose Wisely....

There are many stories of bad salon experiences and I'm sure we all have at least one. But some are worse than others. While in school we were taught to keep everything clean and tidy. To sanitize every instrument after every use. But some salons don't keep to that same rule. There have been many stories of people going to a salon for a simple eyebrow wax or manicure and ending up with herpes or some other infection. Salons without a license and not really knowing proper sanitation rules.
There was a college student once doing a study of what other students would spend the most money on. And going to the salon was one of the top ones. She went to the local salon to get a simple eyebrow wax and ending up getting herpes in and around her eyes. She later found out that the stylist did not change wax sticks from the previous client. Little mistake like these are what can cause life changing infections and law suits.
A while back my sister and I went to a local salon in Wisconsin to get our nails done. It seemed harmless enough. There was one women there to do both of us. One thing I noticed is that she didn't sterilize between me and my sister. My sister was getting her nails done and said something was burning her cuticles and she asked what it may be. And guess what the lady said..."I don't know. How should I know..". I looked around and what do you license.
You should always be very careful at what salon you choose to go to. Low prices may not always be the best choice. Always look for good sanitation and a license on the walls.

I am also posting links of other stories of bad salon experiences and feel free to comment any of your salon expereinces.,2933,53589,00.html

x.o. Brandy

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