Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We're Mad about Christina Hendricks

"So many Women have said encouraging things to me, told me it's been inspiring to them, that I feel like it is something to celebrate," she says and laughs. "Honestly, for people to be nice about anything is so darn rare in this town." (When nay-sayers remark on her cleavage- showcasing
dresses, she shrugs: "I've had people be like, 'I can't believe she's wearing that- it accentuates her breasts!' Look they're not going anywhere. They can't be hidden!")
Christina Hendicks is a good role model to any woman. Showing off her curves and being proud of them. Not giving to the Hollywood stereotype of size zeros. She has stuck to who she is and I believe any young girl could learn a thing or two from her or her onscreen alter-ego Joan Holloway from Mad Men. "Joan is the kind of person who knows that every second, at least one person is watching her," says Hendricks. "Every time she
stands or moves, she's doing it for someone else."



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