Friday, June 18, 2010

Before You Make Your Face

So here's what I think, if you skin doesn't look great to begin with it might not look the best with makeup on either. I saw girls in school with bad skin cake on more makeup because they thought it would cover up the blemishes. But lets think about it, if your skin has blemishes on it I don't think it helps when you smother it with makeup. If you learn how to take care of your skin and prepare it for makeup it will look better.
So first things first, your skin, what's it like? Is it dry, oily, sun burned, what?
The first thing that Kevyn Aucoin talks about when speaking of skin care is sun damage. It can cause long term effects that sometimes we just don't think about, from wrinkles to melanoma. So don't be surprised when the worlds renowned beauty experts say USE SUNBLOCK! Just because you use it doesn't mean you won't get tan protects you. Also moisturize, Dr. Wexler has said about skin, skin does NOT have a clock. A day cream is a night cream. So don't go spend a bunch of money on expensive creams that will all work the same.
Also, you need to commit to a product, Dr. Wexler also says, skincare is not cosmetic surgery. What created a fresh and tight look yesterday will more than likely need to be used today. If you wash your face at night because you have a pimple and it looks better in the morning, use it again at night, after putting on your makeup and putting your skin through the things you do all day it will more than likely need another boost again.

"Our Skin is always changing due to age, hormones, and climate, as well as our activities. Because skin is always changing, it's needs are always shifting. You'll look your best if you analyze your skin on a day-to-day , climate-to-climate basis and treat it accordingly."-Trish McEvoy

One thing I like to do when washing my face at night is to splash freezing cold water on my face first then use hot water to open my pores. It promotes good circulation in your skin. But always wash your face with warm water to open up your pores so your skin care products with be able to get deep and wash out any extra makeup that you left behind or any toxins. Also I always use makeup remover first on my skin, I used to not do that when I was younger because I thought my Clean And Clear would do the work, but you should let your medicine do its job after everything is out of it's way.

Things Kevyn Aucoin tells you to use when cleaning your face...

1. Cotton balls- Great for removing makeup

2. Eye drops- Whitens and helps remove 'gook' from your eyes

3. Light moisturizer- For normal to dry complexions

4. Astringent- Good for helping makeup last longer on those oily complexions

"Beauty doesn't stop at the face. All of your skin deserves some beauty treatment." Trish McEvoy says. Some women think because you have great makeup and great skin care products you should look great always, and then just can't seem to figure out why in the world they still get blemishes. "Our skin is an outward reflection of what is happening inside our bodies." Dr. Wexler says. If your skin is dry stay away from dehydrating elements such as alcohol and smoking. Diet and exercise will help you gain your best looking face and body. So when it comes time for makeup your skin will be ready!

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