Friday, June 18, 2010

Lose The Guy Look Better?

So, I just saw a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while. She used to date one of my fiance's friends. They dated for maybe four years then decided to break it off. Now this girl was never very big to begin with but when I saw her you could tell that she had lost some weight. Not only that but she just seemed to have this glow to her and her hair was done differently. It remined me of an article I had once seen in a magazine.

A 2008 study from UNC Chapel Hill put some scientific might behind anecdotal stories that newlyweds pack on the pounds. Over the course of about five years, men who got married gained 6 more pounds, on average, than those who stayed single. Women made out even worse — those who said “I do” put on 9 more pounds than their counterparts who hadn’t settled down. Read more: msnbc

The same happens more in just a regular relationship. All of that eating out and cooking amazing candle light dinners can really pack on the pounds. Plus your more than likely going to pick up on the others bad eating habits. In an article one woman says, "I ate whenever he did, even if I was stuffed." Eight months after moving in together, she had gained 40 pounds.

Some women just aren't as lucky as my friend who looks so great after her breakup. Some people, like in most movies, lean towards ben and jerry's ice cream and would rather sit on the couch and watch romantic movies all day than going for a nice jog to clear their head. So girls, just practice good health and don't let a guy ruin your body...=]

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