Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just Ridiculous

So, just yesterday I went in to get my hair trimmed, which I have neglected to do in maybe three months. I was always the girl with shorter hair, I've always had a bob. But my junior and senior year of high school I decided to grow it out. Well, lately I have been so proud of my hair and it's length that I've worked so long on. I'm not a very vain person, but I took pride in how long my hair was, since I've never had long hair.

I went in thinking he would trim it maybe just an inch, NOT THREE INCHES. My hair went from long to medium and I honestly thought he might as well have cut it all off. It looked awful. I don't think I had cried about a haircut since I was little. I mean, I now understand how hard it is to be confident no matter what. It is true though, you really can't let a bad haircut weigh you down. Life will go on.
But I guess that's just how life goes. It just reminded me of art. That's just how girls kind of see themselves as. You work so long and hard on something and then it gets ruined. And your angry. But it's not the end of the world though. Hair grows back. Everything will go back to normal. The whole time my fiancee was just looking at me like I was just ridiculous about getting angry about a small three inches of my hair. He was right. It kind of made me mad when he said I will love you and your beautiful to me. I mean that's sweet and all. But I guess he just doesn't understand. Guys are so much different than girls. They worry to an extent but they won't cry about it.
So, I still don't like my haircut. But I'm going to rise above it and not cry about it. There is so much more things to worry about and it just takes too much energy to worry about it. So stop worrying about little things and spend your energy on other things.


  1. 3 INCHES ?!?!?! Yep, have totally been there. I'm growing my hair back out again and it's almost there, but luckily, I get my aunt to trim mine and I don't have to worry about her getting scissor happy LOL ! But when I get a bad chop job, I cry, and then I spend like an hour trying to fix it in a way I'm happy with, that way I know I can at least make it look semi-good :) ... Always makes me feel better !

  2. I once had a hairdresser who was stuck in the '80s. I felt like I looked like Tina Turner every time I walked out of her salon...It was awful... I wanted to cry every time I left. My quest for a new hairdresser was a long one, but I FINALLY found a great one. Hope you're feeling better about your hair now :) Looks great in your profile pic.