Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to avoid a bad hairsylist

So, as everyone knows, my last salon experience wasn't the best. Here's some steps to avoid that same experience as I did. Finding a good stylist is important. Everyone at least once in their life as had gone in wanting one thing and came out looking like something completely different. When I was younger I loved red hair. I wanted my hair fiery red without going extreme red. I went in to a local hair salon because that's where my mother went. Well, I have naturally dark hair but I didn't think it would be that hard to dye it red. Well, I walked out with just a red tint to my hair. I wasn't very happy that I spent all that money for nothing.

So first step before walking into a salon is to find pictures of what you would want. Visuals work better to ensure your on the same page. Also, don't be afraid to talk to them about your hair, about your hair texture, recent treatments, damages, those will help them a lot better. Also, make sure what your doing is in your budget. If your wanting something a little extreme or completely different, be aware that all the touch ups will add up.

Ask to see pictures of clients that they have worked with, they might think they are a wonderful hairdresser, but sometimes what they learned 20 years ago just won't work these days. If their style isn't in line with yours you might want to find someone else. Next, if your not happy with the way your hair turned out, don't go back in again. If they weren't on the same page as you before they are more than likely to still not understand and get it right the second time. Find someone who is on the same page as you to fix it and do it the way you wanted it originally. Don't think that you have to settle for something that your not happy with.

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