Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake


As this is my second post but more so, kind of my first, the first subject I would like to talk about is self confidence. There are so many 'rules' in makeup and hair. As a child I grew up thinking straight hair was the prettiest. Of course that was coming from my mind because I had curly hair. What most young girls don't realize is that you will always want what you don't have. As I got older I started to accept that my curly hair was just fine and may I add easier to do in the morning. I used to get up for school everyday at 5:00 in the morning every morning just to straighten my hair and make sure it was perfect.

As I said in the first post, a compliment goes a long way. If you see that someone has an insecurity about something, compliment them on it. I was always complimented on my curly hair by girls with straight hair. First I thought they probably didn't mean it but as time went on I started to realize it was true. Girls kill to have what they don't have. May it be curly hair, straight hair, bigger lips, smaller nose, whatever. When you realize that you have something that people want and will pay lots of money for, the more confident you become.

That being said, I still straighten my hair, but it doesn't mean I don't love my curly hair. But before you make a decision to spend a ton of money each month on getting your hair relaxed or permed, realize that you have something that someone else would love to have. Embrace it. Love it.

I'm not saying be all natural and never do anything daring. There's nothing wrong with changing the color of your hair or texture. It's just that girls get this crazy idea in their heads that the way a girl looks in a magazine is how they are supposed to look, and that they are inferior.

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"I feel the goal should be to expand our definition of what we consider 'acceptable,' 'normal' and 'beautiful.' The future belongs to those with open minds and open hearts, who can appreciate beauty in all its forms." -Kevyn Aucoin.

What most people think is beautiful ranges in many countries. In Thailand woman coiled their necks with brass rings to make their necks longer. Mursi women are known for inserting a large balsa wood disk in their lower or upper lip.

Mursi woman with famous lip disk

Once you embrace and love what you have the easier things will get. Instead of getting up early to straighten your hair every morning you can sleep in. It really all depends on what you think is beautiful. It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks is beautiful, everyone will have their own definition. Its never healthy to go by what other people think. But no matter what, if you think something is beautiful, chances are someone else does too. So go ahead and put pink streakes in your hair, wear siren red lipstick, as long as you think you look good, you do! And don't get mad when someone tries to copy your outfit or your hairstyle, its flattering, it means they liked what you did and they want to try it.

I actually think it's good to copy someones ideas when it comes to style. But you can always make something your own. In school I loved walking around with red lipstick on. No one else did. I took a chance and made it one of my signatures. If you question if it looks good or if you look like a fool, look around you, maybe the next day someone will come to school with red lipstick on trying what you did. Or maybe everyone else is just too scared to try something new. But always take chances. The most notable people in fashion didn't do it by conformity and following the crowd. Like Elizabeth Hurley and her famous safety pin dress or Marilyn Monroe and her red lips.

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"Listen to your inner voice. No one knows better than you what makes you feel good about yourself and look fantastic." Victoria Beckham



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